Caption contest: WEC Corvette Pit Ablaze in Shanghai

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This past weekend, while you evaluated precisely which “fat pants” you’d wear for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast, two Corvette teams were racing in the Shanghai round of World Endurance Challenge. The action was pretty hot. Then this happened, captured by the Team Larbre Corvette photographer.

The fires were extinguished and no one was hurt too badly, fortunately. Which makes it cool to run a caption contest… so post your best, funniest captions here or on FB and I’ll choose my favorite three. Then we’ll open it up to a Corvette Forum vote… winner receives a copy of the “Corvette Illustrated Encyclopedia” by Tom Benford. Fire away (pun intended)!

Update: this is the aftermath of that photo…

Update 2: For those who think this is in poor taste, all personnel involved required no medical attention beyond an at-track medical evaluation. Translation: everyone was fine. For the full press release, go here.

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