Car Will Not Start When Hot!

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This is a simple one that stumped me for about 1 year! I
installed Full Length Headers on my 1991 Corvette (L98) the Headers are
Headman Headers and they are not Jet coated or powder coated.
after 1 weeks time my car would not start when it got hot? MMMMM Headers
so i went and bought a shield thinking it would work? Nope still nothing
same problem? So to make a long story short…read below for
So my Fix was there is a company called Powermaster starters
and Mean Green (expensive but worth the money) they make Solenoids that
are sunk in the starter and they are smaller and getting it away from
heat! My car has never gave me a problem from that point on! But If you
ever get headers get them jet or powder coated that is the best investment
to save parts on your car and keep the heat down!
Denver Colorado

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