Chevrolet Corvette Aftermarket Exhaust Manufacturers

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The exhaust system on your classic Chevrolet Corvette is rusted and worn – you’re ready for a replacement. Or maybe you’ve made the decision to upgrade to a performance system on your newer Chevy Vette. Either way, there are a plethora of great systems and manufacturers from which to choose. And you’ll find that researching and shopping for just the right system can be informative, interesting, and fun – beginning with this quick article.

The choices for replacing your system with a similar, OEM-type system
are just that: you can replace your original system constructed, put
together, and installed by your local exhaust specialist with OEM-style
parts (parts that may not be manufactured by GM but are similar and
have the same specs). You should end up with the same sound, which you
have grown use to and like, and the same performance at a reasonable
price. Of course a new OEM system has all of the parts: pipes,
mufflers, tips, and the required clamps and hangers – and you are back
on the road, no problem.

Your other choice is to upgrade to a performance system. Consulting
with an exhaust specialist, you can put together a system of parts from
names like Bassani, B&B, Borla, Callaway, Corsa, FlowMaster, Kooks,
MagnaFlow, and SLP. It’s up to you to decide which headers you would
like, which pipes; choose your mufflers, the tips. You can also
purchase a complete system offered by one of these quality

As examples, B&B (Billy Boat) offers the Bullet system for your C6
Corvette that claims to have become “the industry standard for deep,
aggressive muscle car sound.” B&B boasts performance gains of 18
horsepower and 17 ft./lbs. of torque.

Borla offers a complete cat-back system with square tips, with the
complete system except for clamps – so thick, it’s not necessary –
constructed of T-304 stainless, which according to Borla, has the
highest chrome content of any stainless steel.

Corsa offers a Power-Pulse RSC cat back system that provides, according
to their website, “reactive sound cancellation technology [which] …
cancels offensive noise frequencies … yet delivers the pure sound of
power under acceleration and a pleasing LS-1 exhaust note at idle.”

Nearly all performance systems and parts are manufactured from top
quality stainless steel. Pipes are mandrel-bent to provide the
precision turns and bends required for best performance. Shops take
pride in carefully removing your old system, then installing your new
one with proven cutting and welding techniques, applied by
knowledgeable, experienced, and often certified exhaust specialists.

And you will want to shop for sound. Sound is what makes your Corvette
unique among vehicles; you want it to say something about you, whether
a punchy, sharper reverberation or a low, rumbling resonance. This is
where the fun comes in. Many websites, for your shopping convenience,
include audio/visual clips of Corvettes with the performance system in
which you are interested, installed. Click on the video play button,
and you will see, and hear, your Corvette as it starts, idles and revs,
then takes off down the road.

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