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YouTuber Tests $200 eBay Catless X-Pipe Exhaust on His C7 Corvette

$200 eBay X-Pipe for C7 Corvette Review Zent Rose

Normally, you shouldn’t cheap out on parts for your Corvette, but for something like an X-Pipe, it might be worth your while.

  Comments | By - February 22, 2019

C7 Corvette Z06 Exhaust Sound Comparison: NPP vs Magnaflow

C7 Corvette Z06 Exhaust

If you’re on the fence about exhaust options for your C7 Corvette Z06, this short clip should settle it immediately.

  Comments | By - August 3, 2018

2019 Corvette ZR1 Makes Nice Gains with Exhaust Work

2019 Corvette ZR1

Achieving 700 hp at the wheels in a new Corvette ZR1 is as easy as swapping in a new x-pipe.

  Comments | By - May 29, 2018

Corvette with Open Headers Is Loud, Obviously

Corvetteforum.com Corvette open header test

If you’re going to unbolt your manifolds anyway, why not start up your Corvette and enjoy its primal noise?

  Comments | By - April 23, 2018

Does Your Corvette Need Exhaust Back-Pressure?

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6) Burnout

Engineering Explained takes a few minutes to deconstruct back-pressure, and how it fits into performance tuning.

  Comments | By - January 9, 2018

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