Chevy Performance Shines at 2018 YouTube Callout

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Camaro and Corvette were well represented at first YouTube drag racing callout event of 2018.

The first YouTube drag racing callout event of 2018 was held last weekend at Cecil County Dragway and while there were plenty of cameras rolling, the BigKleib34 YouTube channel provided a broad look at the event. The video above starts as the host is headed to the track and it begins with a stroll through the pits as he talks to other popular YouTubers. He also listens in on some pre-race trash talk before competitors meet on the track.

StreetSpeed717 Z06 on Track

What’s a YouTube Callout?

If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube community, a “Callout” is an event where popular automotive YouTubers from around the country head to the track, where they will settle any online trash talk on the drag strip. Some of these YouTubers have hundreds of thousands of followers while others have less than 10,000, but they all have reasonably quick cars and at a YouTube callout – they come out to strut their stuff in front of a large crowd of internet fans.

Zl1 Vs Demon

In this video, we see some of the most popular YouTubers in the automotive world, including Pure Function, Durtymax Jack, Complete Street Performance, RaceProvenMotorsports, John Doc, GuitarmageddonZL1, Street Speed 717, wickedv717, SRTMush and more.

A Day at the Track

Video host BigKleib34 didn’t have his Chevy Silverado ready for this race, so he spent the day filming the racing action and walking around the pits, checking out the vehicles and talking with the competitors. This gives us a good look at some of the amazing vehicles in attendance at rest, but the star of this show is the on-track action.

Vette Vs Demon

The racing action is scattered throughout the 24-minute video, but we get to see some great battles between some famous street machines. While there are some Hellcats and Demons, as well as a Scion FRS, a Toyota Supra and a Fox Body Mustang – Chevy performance stole the show.

In addition to StreetSpeed 717 showing off his wicked pair of C7 Corvettes, we see plenty of other high performance cars wearing the Bowtie. This includes the star matchup of the day, with John Doc and Cowmaro going head-to-head with GuitarmageddonZL1.

The two 5th gen Camaros make two runs and in both, John Doc stomps the ZL1 when the black-and-red muscle car just cant get off the line as well as the white Chevy.

Main Event Chevy Race

The video is long, so we recommend that you grab a drink and a snack, kick back and enjoy this footage from the first YouTube drag strip callout of 2018.

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