Consumer Reports: Avoid Used 2016 Corvettes

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The Well-Respected Consumer Advocate Says to Avoid 2016 Corvettes, After Previously Recommending Them

Corvette Forum members are up in arms about a recent Consumer Reports list detailing their “Worst Used Cars.” That’s because the consumer watchdog listed the 2016 Corvette as a car to avoid. But there’s one big problem: they previously recommended the exact same car in their annual owner satisfaction survey. What gives?

Consumer Reports is notoriously secretive about the information they use to make their recommendations. Important details like sample size and other criteria are largely unknown. What’s known is that the data comes from subscribers. We can’t imagine a large number of subscribers that own 2016 Corvettes, so a couple of bad experiences could really throw off the results of their survey.

As such, one has to read between the lines and look for clues. Many Corvette Forum users noticed that only 2016 model cars were on the list, so one theory is that the new 8-speed automatic has been causing problems for some owners. Another theory is they complained about the quirky infotainment system that’s been confusing to many users. But that’s likely not a deal-breaker.

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Interestingly, Consumer Reports has been traditionally very hot on the C7 Corvette. They gave it high marks on nearly every test, so this report is pretty shocking. Still, for an enthusiast car like the Corvette, many forum members agree that a publication that reviews toasters and smartphones might not be the best source of information. And it’s doubtful that this report will sway anyone who was in the market from buying a Corvette.

In closing, to quote Corvette Forum member patentcad: “Try to bear in mind that modern cars are so reliable in general that you can buy the statistically most troubled car and still have an overwhelming chance of NOT having a problem.”

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