Converting to an Alternator on a C1 With a V8 engine

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Replacing the stock exhaust
manifold with a stock manifold from a 1968 small block motor will give you
the necessary mounting points. The 68 manifold is drilled and tapped on
the end and will accept the late model single wire alternators such as I
used on my 59 C1.

You will also be able to use the stock
adjusting bracket if you mount yours on the left side of the car as I did.
I had previously converted my engine crossover mounting bracket to a “62
style piece which has the notch in the center for the newer style water
pumps. The newer water pumps have a port that would otherwise be hidden.
This piece has the slot for the generator adjusting bracket cut by the
factory on the left side (drivers side).

The original “59
piece also has the bracket opening on the left side should you have an
original mount in your C1. The new belt can be purchased from Auto Zone
and is a Kelly Springfield part # 15530. Just run a single 8 gauge wire to
your battery from the alternator output post and your good to

Regarding the above topic of converting a C1 from generator
to alternator I should add that bracket #1782 which is the GM Corvette
bracket for ( 64-65 327 all w/AC and 66-71 all w/327 and 350) available
from Paragon 1-800-882-4688 for $8.00 is perfect for this installation. It
will add a lot of strength and stability to the new mounting.

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