Why Don’t Corvette Employees Have Uniforms?

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So I saw a thread on Corvette Forums the other day about poor quality control on the new Corvette. Forum member DAVE396LT1 said, “the Corvette plant looks VERY unprofessional.” Which got me thinking: he is absolutely right. If employees can’t take pride in how they look, why should they be taking pride in what they are building? It’s a very simple thing, but it can make a difference.

Every major competitor to the Corvette, from Porsche to Jaguar, builds their cars in well-lit and clean factories by employees in uniforms. They create an environment that helps promote attention to detail and quality. Even lower car companies like Volkswagen do a simple polo shirt uniform to keep everyone looking professional. The workers in Bowling Green are building “America’s Sports Car.” This is supposed to be the pride of GM, and the country, so why can’t they do a better job of honoring that title and job?

Before anyone tries to make the argument this is a culture thing, that header is a photo from the Chattanooga VW plant — a mere six hours or so from Bowling Green, and in the same region of the Southeast that I call home. This is merely one company demanding a higher level of professionalism than another, and I think it’s unacceptable. If someone building an $18k hatchback can wear a polo, long pants, and a company cap, I see no reason why a team of highly trained and skilled workers assembling $100k+ sports cars can’t be held to that same standard.

Take off that silly bandana, get rid of the cargo shorts, and put on something a little nicer. You are representing America, so please act like it.

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