Corvette Forum Member Takes Parents on Crazy ZR1 Thrill Ride

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We can never get enough of these comical reaction videos, and this Corvette thrill ride had us rolling.

If you spend any time on YouTube at all, you already know that sometimes it giveth, and sometimes it taketh away. As is, some videos are awesome, funny, and informative. Other times, they can be a giant waste of time. And subjects of these videos come and go like any other trend, so most become watered down and old rather quickly. But one trendy video we never get tired of is the old “scare the crap out of my parents/girlfriend in my fast car.”

Sadly, however, many of these videos seem staged. But that isn’t the case with this clip from Corvette Forum member Proto X. It’s pretty clear that the OP’s mom is rather terrified after he mashes the go pedal in his bolt-on Corvette ZR1. “Every time I watch that video with my mom in it, it just cracks me up,” he admits. “She was so pissed at me.”

Corvette ZR1

The OP’s brother and dad aren’t nearly as scared, but they are certainly impressed. And the same can be said for several fellow Corvette Forum members. Who obviously got a big kick out of these reactions, too. Mostly because we’ve all gotten similar reactions when we take a rip with our family members riding shotgun.

“Proto, your mom reacts much the same as my wife,” said Larry Myers. “And when going anywhere in the Corvette, before getting in, she makes me promise not to crank it up to excessive speeds.”

“LMAO!!!!! My mom would have killed me!” adds MOTOWN Z.

“My girl cut to the chase vowing to never again ride in my Z after #1,” said Landru. “My 10 year-old passenger seat’s virtually new.”

Corvette ZR1

We have to admit, mom’s high-pitched scream gets us every time. There’s nothing like getting a good laugh at someone’s else’s sheer terror. So if you’ve got a great Corvette reaction video of your own, be sure and share it with us in the forums, too!

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