Corvette Forum Member’s Z06 Track Report Is Very Disappointing

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Okay, I’ll officially go on record here and say it — fixing the heating issues with the new Z06 should be the number one priority for Chevy, before they go working on any other new design modifications for the car. Talk about future wheel designs, specialty models, or more high-tech interior features should be shelved indefinitely until this heating thing has been completely resolved.

After months of giving Chevy the benefit of the doubt, it’s become extremely hard to defend the heating troubles plaguing the new model. And that point couldn’t ring any clearer than it does in a thread started here by Corvette Forum member, SBC_and_a_stick, that shares a graphic breakdown on how his Z06 continued to overheat at the track, even after making a series of adjustments.

“I knew the three ways the Z06 Z07 breaks down in the heat. 1. Coolant overheat; 2. Power steering overheat; 3. Check engine light, low power mode (fuse 36 blown),” wrote SBC_and_a_stick in the thread, titled “Track report 100* day: not 1 session completed.”

So to prepare for the race, the Corvette Forum member took the following steps:

“1. …Changed the coolant mix to 80% water
2. Designed a scoop that grabs cold air from under the car and feeds it over the power steering unit
3. Had the dealer inspect the check engine light, found the fuse to be at fault, so replaced it and got a spare one.”

However, it appears that SBC’s efforts did very little to rectify the heating issues, which he thoroughly details in the thread, and which can also be found below.

Session one

I. Session One 92*

“Within 10 minutes of driving the coolant gets up to 257*. I get the warning that “A/C turned off, engine overheating.” This warning shows up in the center display at 257* whether the A/C is on or not. For the record, I never track with the A/C on. 12 minutes of driving in I get up to 261* coolant, one degree from overheating. I get stuck behind a 997 GT3 that I don’t want to risk passing. Car drops temps to 255*. 15 minutes in I get a check engine light, loud backfire, low power mode. The fuse has blown again.”

Session 2

II. Session Two 95*

“Within 2 minutes I get the check engine light again, loud backfire, low power mode. The fuse has blown again. Coolant was only at *225, far from overheating.”

III. Session Three.

“Missed. Couldn’t get back from the dealer in time.”

IV. Session Four. 98* ambient.

“I would have changed the fuse to a 20 amp version. +5 amps. 15 minutes in the coolant gets up to 262*. This warning says “Engine overheated, idle engine.” A chime gets my attention audibly, the tour mode temperature display is red. Power reduced. I retire the car to the pits.”

Session 5

V. Session Five. 100* ambient.

“15 minutes in the coolant gets up to 262*. This warning says “Engine overheated, idle engine.” A chime gets my attention audibly, the tour mode temperature display is red. Power reduced. I cool it off for 2 minutes by trying to get to the exit. It drops to 255* so I step on the accelerator to get back up to speed. 17 minutes in I get a check engine light, loud backfire, the fuse blew again.”

Now, I’m sure most folks here, including some who have been considering the new Z06, would find this report more than a little discouraging. There’s plenty more discussion about it in the forums, so head over there to speak your mind.

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