Corvette Forum Member’s 757-Horsepower Callaway Z06 Honored

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Crimson Red C7 Is Much More Than Just a Pretty Face.

There’s nothing that warms the heart of a Corvette owner more than seeing their pride-and-joy shining in the spotlight. We’re talking about that feeling you get when you’ve invested the time and money into making your ‘Vette a little bit more special.

Just ask Rebecca McCarty, better known as “Lisptic” here at Corvette Forum, who recently had her crimson red 757-horsepower Callaway Z06 featured in Super Chevy. The story, shared in this thread, delves into McCarty’s Corvette passion, as well as the the unique features of her car, which includes Callaway’s SC757 package.

Evidently, Super Chevy first discovered McCarty’s custom Callaway at Mid America’s annual Corvette Funfest, where the news source quickly learned that McCarty is far from your average Corvette owner.


The Corvette Forum member also spends considerable time tracking her car, and actually learned of Callaway’s SC757 package while participating in an HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) school back in 2015, at the National Corvette Museum Motorsport Park track.

“I overheard guys talking, and Callaway announced their SC757 package for the C7 Z06,” McCarty tells Super Chevy. “I had already put down a deposit for a 2016 Z06. During lunch, I drove my 2014 C7 that I was using for the HPDE to the NCM and talked with Chris Chessnoe of Callaway about the new car.”

Becca’s obsession with Corvettes dates back to her days as a kid attending elementary school in Columbiana, Alabama, where her 4th grade teacher owned a Corvette.

“I remember getting off the school bus, heading into school and always glancing to the right so I could view the ‘space ship’ as I walked into school,” she recalls.

Well, Ms. McCarty, we’re sure there are a lot of kids who find themselves staring at your Corvette now, dreaming of space ships too.

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