Corvette Forum’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide

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bondurant.jpgFather’s Day is June 16th, and since we know just how much most of our members love to shop, we’ve assembled a list of some gifts that’ll be surefire hits. There’s still plenty of time to have things delivered in time for Dad’s day, so get on the ball now and rest easy knowing that you’re covered. 

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Saying you got Pop a set of tires for Father’s Day sounds a little like saying you got Mom a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. But gearheads know it’s not like that. March the old man over to the computer or out to one of TreadDepot’s locations, and let him pick out a new pair of shoes for his ride. The company is currently running rebates from $50 to $80 bucks on brands like Pirelli, Cooper, Goodyear and Michelin’so get him some sticky rubber. He’ll think of you every time he carves a corner.

All Corvettes are Red >>

Given its iconic place in America’s automotive history, a world without the Chevrolet Corvette might seem impossible. But if not for a die-hard group of the General’s engineers, the line might have died with the C4. This book tells the story of the birth of the C5, and it’s a must-read for any Corvette fan.

Whisky Gift Set >>

Ice melts, juice glasses irritate the nose, and doesn’t dad’s whisky deserve better? The answer to that is yes. So give him the Teroforma Whisky Lover Gift set, which includes two crystal tumblers and a set of six whisky stones. These soapstone ?rocks? are soft against the glass, and when chilled and placed in your beverage, bring down the temperature just enough. 

Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger >>

There’s nothing fun about a dead battery, so help keep all dad’s toys ready to rock and roll with Optima’s Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger. The backlit hybrid LED/LCD display provides easy-to-read info on fill rate and battery health, and top-notch build quality insures it?ll be around for years.

Corvette Garage Floor Decal >>

This Corvette decal is a great way to give the old man cave a finished look, without the hassle and error-prone process of stenciling and painting. Just clean area where it’s to be applied and in the time it takes to say ?Corvette Racing wins again,? you’ll have a killer image marking his ride’s territory.
How do you stay in touch with the adventurous Dad? The new SPOT Global Phone will keep any outdoor enthusiast connected when beyond cell coverage. With SPOT in hand, you can stay connected to family, friends and emergency assistance with crystal clear calls and a long-life Lithium-ion battery. It’s the perfect adventure-ready Father’s Day gift when he’s off the grid.

If there’s one generalization you can make about Corvette owners, it’s that they’re all particular about keeping their rides spic and span. And this Wax Attack Polisher from Mothers? will insure that putting on a solid coat of wax won’t take all afternoon. Let Dad spend more time driving and less waxing!
$ Various Prices

Has Dad been wanting to make his exhaust note a bit burlier? Because with Dynomax’s current cash back offer, it’s the perfect time to upgrade to an aftermarket system which will provide a few extra ponies without the drone which can make long distance cruising painful. Head over to their site to check out all the killer applications! 
Dad may not go for Sunday brunch?a meal made for ladies in hats? but he does go for BRUNCH, a man’s meal, a time for savories, for meat and eggs, and coffee, and butter, and Bloody Marys. So treat him right and provide him with the tools for the perfect Bloody Mary with Stu’s Sours kit, a handsomely packaged combo of mix, sweet corn rimmer, key lime juice, and ghost pepper extract for a real kick. 

Bondurant High-Performance Driving School >>

If Dad is looking to wring more performance from his Vette, the best thing he can do is take driving classes?and Bondurant’s are legendary. The school is also the only place where he can get personal instruction from Corvette Racing champion Johnny O?Connell. Trust us, Dad will flip out.

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