Is Your Corvette a Joy or a Burden?

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C6 Corvette Z06

Corvettes are stunning, powerful, and not entirely cheap machines. They are aspirational cars that many people dream of owning. Sometimes though, you shouldn’t meet your heroes.

Corvette Forum member CSixDude is rethinking the purchase of his hero car, in part from the stress that can come from owning a Corvette. He worries about scratches, dings, and how people around him will react to his car on the road. There are people out there who act aggressively towards owners of high-performance sports cars, simply because of what they drive.


In a thread titled “Do you own your Corvette?“, CSixDude posed the question, “Do you own your Corvette, or do you sometimes feel like the Corvette owns you?” He goes on to ask about how and when forum members drive their Corvettes, and if things like this impact their enjoyment. It certainly seems to be affecting his love of the Crossed Flags.

Sadly, I don’t currently have a Corvette parked in my garage, but I am very aware of my answer to this question. It is a machine built to be driven, and drive it I would. Sure, it will likely get some rock dings, a few dents, and it will most certainly get dirty, but I don’t care. I think a car is no good when it’s sitting in your garage. Sure, there are cars out there (like a 1971 C3 in Elkhart Green) that are basically works of visual art, but they also have powerful engines and make great noises. Drive that thing around and let others appreciate that art as well.

C3 Corvette

I became an automotive enthusiast, gear head, whatever you want to call me, because of the Corvette. The first time I ever saw a C3 is forever etched in my memory, and if there is even the slightest chance that using my Corvette as a daily driver will have that impact on more young minds, it is worth every scratch, chip, door ding, mile, and oil change.

What do you guys think? We already had some pretty solid responses in the original thread, so feel free to keep contributing. Is your Corvette an occasional toy that just takes up garage space, or do you revel in the rush of that V8 noise every day? Sound off.

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