5 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Corvette

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your First True Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time for you to spend a little time falling back in love with your Corvette. It’s been a long winter, and things are getting a little warmer. So you can take your beautiful machine for a spin, just to let her know you love her! Here are five things you can do to make Valentines’ Day with your Corvette a little more special.

1. Get Cleaned Up 

Even if the weather is nasty, you can take the car cover off and give your Corvette a nice bath to clean off the feeling of winter. Get reacquainted with your car’s intricate curves; it can surely be therapeutic. If you’ve got a C6 Corvette, we recommend grabbing a 3M quick headlight renewal kit to help get rid of the haziness and yellowing. It’s a minor project that really makes a huge difference. Your Corvette will appreciate it.

2. Smell Nice 

It’s been a long winter, and sometimes our cars can gather a few unsavory smells during storage. If you keep rodents out of your car with moth balls, you know what we’re talking about. (We recommend cedar wood blocks, by the way.) To get your car smelling nice again, try Meguiar’s whole car air re-fresher system. It’s an odor-eliminating mist available in a bunch of different scents, including our favorite, “Citrus Grove.”

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3. Take It to a Nice Dinner

This metaphor is a bit more forced. But filling up the fuel tank with the finest high-test fuel isn’t a bad way to pay your car back for all the fun. While you’re at it, maybe get yourself a nice meal, too. You might even be able to share it with your second-best love.

4. Get It a Nice Gift 

There’s nothing better for reigniting your passion in your favorite car than getting something new for it. Whether it’s renewing that tired suspension, getting a new set of wheels, or something simple like an oil change. Doing a bit of wrenching and making sure your Corvette is up to snuff is a great way to spend this holiday.

5. Make It a Night With Some Action

What do we do when we really want to have some fun with our Bowling Green lady? Take her for a long road trip through some lovely landscape. Or even just find a nice, open parking lot with nobody around and do something wild!

Hopefully these tips will give you an excuse to love your ‘Vette again. Happy Valentine’s Day, love Corvette Forum.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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