LS3-Powered 1964 Corvette

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Wait Until You Read How This Classic Beauty Gained Its Power

Buck White’s 1964 Chevrolet Corvette is quite a beauty. But what’s even more beautiful is his personal journey to finally restore it. And how he landed the LS3 engine that powers his prized gem.

White bought the ‘Vette with his dad back in 1975. It wound up being one of the last times he’d have with his dad, before a heart attack took him. Since then, the car has remained an important part of White’s life, as detailed recently by Super Chevy. He even met and married his wife in the ‘64 coupe.

1964 Corvette

White started restoring the car in 1986. But as the responsibilities of family life began to settle in, his plans to fully restore the car took a backseat.

Finally, White decided to let Mark Bauer of Bauer Restorations in Kansas take over the project. It took Bauer about a year and a half to complete the project. But after a few years of driving the car, White again found himself neglecting the Corvette.

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This time, the car would sit idle for some 15 years. Then White decided to pick the restoration project back up. But the ‘64 ‘Vette’s original 327-ci engine had pretty much run its course.

Bauer recommended that White look into buying an LS engine. But the price was a bit out of his league. So, White decided to approach his local dealership in Kansas. He told the sales guys that he’d let them use his Corvette for promotional campaigns, if they sold him an LS3 at the dealership’s cost.


Yep, White landed that gorgeous piece of power under the hood for just $6,000, with all the accessories included.

Genius, right?

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