Remote-Control Corvette: Believe It or Not?

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Discovery Channel Puts Dutch Man’s Remote-Control C6 to the Test

Remember that full-scale, remote-control Corvette we covered here last year? It’s the first full-scale remote-control ‘Vette we’ve come across.

Well, apparently, we weren’t the only ones amazed by the car, and the technology behind it. All the buzz over the R/C Corvette has landed its chief architect, Bjorn Harms, a spot on the popular Discovery Channel series, Outrageous Acts of Science.

remote control corvette

The pitch? Finding out whether the contraption really is a remote-control car, or some well-executed trickery that makes it appear as if the Corvette is being maneuvered from a hand-held device. The control unit is said to be in the glovebox. That includes the receiver and other gadgetry that controls the car.

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Come to think about it, without seeing the car first-hand, we actually haven’t had any way to verify if the car does indeed function via remote control. In fact, in our initial story, we admitted that we had no way to confirm if the car is truly the real deal.

So, we we’re as interested in the Discovery show’s findings as anyone else. We’ll let you see the final verdict in the clip above. But let’s just say this: Bjorn Harms is every bit the mad scientist we first imagined him to be.

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