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2018 Chevrolet Corvette

In one instance, a 2017 Corvette was clocked at 146 MPH in a 65 zone.

Texas has a lot of wide-open spaces, and it can be pretty tempting to bury your right foot when a long, empty straightaway comes up. That impulse to accelerate is doubly dangerous when you’re in a brand-new Corvette, because even a few seconds of right-foot-down can get you to absolutely insane speeds. Even though the road ahead looks empty, you never know when you’ll get caught in a highway patrol’s radar gun trap. That moment of awesome power and fun can end with a stratospheric fine, and possibly even jail time. This list of the 20 fastest speeding tickets from the Houston Chronicle proves that you don’t always get away with it.

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In 2017, Texas law enforcement kept track of their highest speed takedowns, and one ticket was written for a Corvette allegedly doing nigh on 150 miles per hour on public roads. That wasn’t even close to the fastest ticket issued last year, however, as a Honda sport bike was clocked at 181 mph. In 2016 the record was also taken by a sport bike, this time a Suzuki, going a whopping 209 mph!

Even though we all love the sensation that high-speed can provide, we would never condone such irresponsible actions. Texas Department of Public Safety asked precincts to send in their highest speeding tickets, and among more than 230 written citations, all of them were in excess of 120 mph. With hundreds of people getting caught speeding, how many people hit serious speed without getting caught? Don’t risk the fine, and don’t risk the danger of driving so quickly on public streets. You might be in control, but you never know how someone else might react. It’s not worth it. Take it to a race track.

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