Corvette of the Week: Lydia, the Transgender C2

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This week’s Corvette of the Week comes our way thanks to the creativity CF member Poorhousenext had to employ in order to give Lydia, his C2, the curves her body needed to fit over wider tires and wheels. He refers to his 1964 as transgender due to all the “plastic surgery” she needed to achieve those curves.

A few aspects of Lydia’s interior and exterior take their tasteful inspiration from the C6 Z06. The engine is a GM LS3 376/480 producing 360 RWHP and the transmission is a TCI 6x 6-Speed GM 4L80E Automatic. Poorhousenext says he built the car to be driven because, “When [you’re] my age, you drive ’em ’cause [you’re] not worried about resale value… Some people think it’s a show car because of the body work,” but the car is all about look and feel.

This gorgeous creature may have taken a lot of work, but the truth Lydia evolved into something Poorhousenext never expected.

My original intent was just to have a nice stock look reliable driver with a lower front fender vent treatment car does have. The renderings I posted were done in an effort to try and change my mind and build something that set car apart from the crowd. I had nixed that, until someone made a little white mistake and ordered wheels with backspacing they wanted to get “The Look” and that wasn’t me…LOL

Poorhousenext may be trying to remain humble, but what he calls a “mistake” I call serendipitous. He goes on to say:

my car is somewhat of a Crossover car, a little of all these looks, from Custom, Hot Rod, Street Machine, Muscle Machine and Wide Body ProTouring. Not great at being any of them, but can be perceived to be any one of them, depending on what someone is used to seeing.

He also hopes that if he’s done anything for restomods “it’s to get people to think outside the box they are used to seeing, and make their cars unique to their own Standard at the time they are doing their build.”

The only problem I have with this Corvette is that it’s not in my garage.

Congratulate Poorhousenext before he ends up in the poor house over his passion for Corvettes and enjoy more photos!

I'd rather be driving my Tumbler.

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