Corvette Owner Sues Shop Owner for Employee’s Personal Use of Car

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1984 Corvette Rear

Imagine handing your Corvette keys to a repair shop and learning that an employee was using your car as his own personal transportation.

Then imagine the look on your face when you realize the employee had racked up 11,000 miles on your beloved ‘Vette.

Well, that’s exactly what Tim Paisley, a Corvette owner in Texas, is claiming after finding his 1984 Corvette abandoned after initially taking it to Frank’s Vettes for interior work, according to a UPI report.

Even worse, Paisley said none of the $3,000 worth of work he paid for on the car was ever done, and he had to dish out $6,000 to his insurance company to pay for damage to the car after it was abandoned. Now, Paisley is suing the shop owner, Frank Coleman, for breach of contract, fraud and conversion.

Coleman, on the other hand, says the employee who used Paisley’s ‘Vette never officially worked for Frank’s Vettes even though Paisley claims it was the shop owner who actually cashed his check.

It all sounds a bit suspicious to me, too.

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