Corvette Owner Wakes up to Find Car Burning

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Arson-Corvette-1998- (in text)Imagine waking up and seeing your Corvette on fire? That’s probably easier to imagine if you have a Ferrari, but with a Corvette, I understand if you have to strain your imagination muscles a bit.

Unfortunately, a man in Newport, TN didn’t have to use his imagination at all, for he was awakened to find his 1998 convertible Corvette ablaze. Apparently, the car and two other vehicles owned by John and Leslie Jones, were set on fire in a case of arson.

The couple‚Äôs house also caught on fire during the incident, which is what first alarmed them that something was wrong. However, an arrest could be right around the corner considering that the couple suspects the fire was started by someone with whom they’ve been having ongoing problems prior to the incident.

Source [GM Authority]

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