Corvette Supercharger Kits Guide

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A new Corvette supercharger can improve engine performance by
adding horsepower and increasing the torque produced by the engine.
There are a wide variety of supercharger kits available that can be
easily installed to make the engine of your Chevrolet Corvette a monster
on the road. A supercharger is an air compressor. Due to the increase
in air supplied to the engine, more fuel is available to the engine thus
increasing its power output.

Companies that Manufacture Supercharger Kits for the Chevrolet Corvette:

1. ATI

ATI is the only company that guarantees the safest gains to the
engine’s performance. It uses ProCharger technology that safely
increases the horsepower and torque outputs of the engine by 50 to 100
percent. ATI superchargers are reliable, durable and require the minimum
number of engine modifications to provide increased performance.

2. Vortech

Vortech supercharger kits are centrifugal and good value for money.
They include all the parts required for installation and for enhancing
the engine’s performance. The operation of the engine is very quiet
after the installation. The kit is matched to the compressor and the
design is computer aided. Some of the applications include a calibrated
fuel system and engine tuning customized by the computer.

3. Stillen

Stillen superchargers are driven by the gear and pulley. This is a
positive displacement supercharger. The air that enters the blower is
pushed into the engine after it’s gathered and funneled to create a
boost resulting in increased horsepower and torque. The kit is easy to
install and requires no modification. However, since the blower is very
big, the hood of the car needs to be replaced to accommodate the kit.

4. Magna Charger

The supercharger kit from MagnaCharger has a unique design that
allows a 180 degree rotation of the supercharger. This reduces friction
and pumping losses and results in an extremely drivable vehicle. This
can result in an increase of nearly 130 hp and 130 ft-lbs of torque. The
kit comes with an instruction booklet and is easy to install.

5. Edelbrock

Edelbrock has released a new E-Force supercharger kit for the C6
Corvette that enables the engine to deliver 554 hp and 515 ft-lbs of
torque. The kit can easily fit inside the car with no modifications to
the hood required. The kit consists of 52 lb/hr injectors, programming
module to update the ECU and a high flow air intake system.

6. Paxton

Paxton has been manufacturing supercharger kits for more than 4
decades and its Novi supercharger can increase power up to 171 hp. The
supercharger kit is gear driven and provides enhanced power while
keeping the engine super quiet.

A Chevrolet Corvette is a high quality car with high quality parts. A
good supercharger kit can help you enhance the performance of your
vehicle at a fairly low cost. With so much choice, you can select a
supercharger kit after taking into account the cost price, the power
output, the engine tuning, the maintenance required and your own needs
and driving style.

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