Corvette of the Week: a 2004 Z06 for the Ages

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c5 z06 corvette of the week

We’ve seen a lot of Corvette of the Week winners here at Corvette Forum, as we’ve been running this feature for a few years now, but very few have been so beautifully photographed as this one. Of course, when you’ve got a muse like this C5 Z06, it’s hard to take a bad pic.

This C5 supermodel comes to us via longtime member Toque, who after 12 years of passionate upkeep, is ready to move on. Kind of.

“Well… there comes a time where everyone wants to try something different. I have had my 2004 Z06 since it was new in March 2004. It has been an amazing car and I already know I’m going to regret this.

That’s the first line from Toque’s sales thread, which details his fastidious upkeep of the vehicle, as well as a listing of presumably every single one of the $20k in modifications he’s made since buying the car new in March 2004. Seriously, check out the thread, it’ll make you want to be a better Corvette owner. As will Toque’s website dedicated to the car.

Remarkably, this treasure only has 37,000 miles on her, and those are mostly cruising miles, with no racing involved. And she’s only seen rain three times, and each time  Toque spent 8-plus hours cleaning her up afterwards — wheels off, jacked up. Yeah, that’s the level of care we’re talking about here.

Good luck with the sale, Toque. And congratulations on a beautiful Corvette of the Week.

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