Watch This Corvette Break the World Record Four Times!

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While you were letting your hair down and enjoying the scenery, presumably taking your Corvette for a weekend cruise, Jason Michalak broke the 1/8 mile world record a total of four times in one weekend.

You heard right. Michalak, a resident of Texas, is the proud owner of the C6-bodied Corvette dragster, and he just managed to cover an eighth of a mile distance in the lighting-fast time of 3.81 seconds, at an outstanding clip of 198.47 miles per hour.

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and this badass Corvette is menacing proof of that. Even more impressive is the fact that Michalak started out the weekend with a world record-setting run of 3.87 seconds, which for most people would’ve been more than enough to back off a little and cruise by for the rest of the weekend.

Nope, Michalak and his “BAD9ER” crew kept on tweaking away at the Corvette’s setup, which eventually yielded a 3.85, 3.84, and 3.82 second run, only to culminate with the world’s fastest time of 3.81. Talk about overachieving…

Only in Texas can a Corvette break its own world record four times in one weekend!

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