Corvette Lover Nitpicks His C7’s Faults

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This dude knew he was about to get roasted before he even put this video up. Seriously. He even put up a little sticky at the beginning:


Not really surprising when you’re calling out things like the gas cover sound. But Street Speed 717 has made a lot of videos about how much he loves his Corvette, so he decided to do the opposite and explain the few tiny little things that he doesn’t like.

So, what are the things he’s complaining about? I’ll do you the favor of laying them out so you don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want to (you all owe me a bomber of stout): The navigation system, the harsh ride, the sound the gas cap makes when it opens/unlocks, the first-to-fourth gear shift lock, shutting the trunk (doesn’t close right), exterior chrome trim, the interior plastic trim, and the screen response on the infotainment.

So, we’re calling on all you fine folks who have spent time driving a C7, do you agree? Or is he just reaching?

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Via [Street Speed 717]

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