Corvette of the Week: This C3 Will Have You Singing the Bridgehampton Blues

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Corvette Forum member ckvoss had been waiting a long time to pick up a classic C3, but just in time for July 4th, his 1971 LS5 4-speed coupe is home where it belongs. But it wasn’t easy.

After over a year of searching, ckvoss finally found the “chrome bumper car” of his dreams, as he states in a recent thread. Unfortunately, the car was all the way up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, which isn’t exactly next door to his home in Austin, Texas.

Still, ckvoss liked what he saw, and the price was right, so he took a trip up north to check the car out. And it was love at first sight, which you can certainly understand by looking at these pics.

Alas, love is complicated. And so is shipping across the border, even though ckvoss thought he found a great shipping company, who promised it would only take two weeks to deliver the car to Austin in an enclosed container.

Well, eight weeks later, not all of which was spent in an enclosed carrier, the C3 dream machine and ckvoss have been reunited in automotive bliss. And boy is she dreamy, with that Bridgehampton Blue exterior and blue vinyl interior, 90,000 original miles, and numbers-matching engine and transmission.

She’s still got some work to be done, starting with the poorly functioning brakes, but we already think she looks the part of a Corvette of the Week. Don’t you think?

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