Corvette ZR1 Takes on Ford GT in Series of Roll Races

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LT5 Corvette stays with the twin-turbo Ford Le Mans car for the road.

The C7 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the most powerful American supercar of all time, while also being the most powerful production road car in the storied history of General Motors. With the demise of the Dodge Viper, the only competitor in the battle for America’s top supercar is the Ford GT, but with a twin turbo V6 making “only” 647 horsepower, is it really competition for the 755-horsepower Vette?

To find out, Brooks Weisblat of the DragTimes YouTube channel went to a roll racing event at Palm Beach International Raceway, where he lined up three times with a new Corvette ZR1. The results were nothing short of shocking.

Brooks with the Corvette and GT

The Competitors

The supercars battling in the video above are a new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 coupe and a Ford GT.

The C7 has the high performance aero package (thus more drag) and the 8-speed automatic transmission while the GT is run in ‘V-Max’ mode, keeping the wing down and lowering the car for better high speed aerodynamics. The Corvette owner has also removed the secondary catalytic convertors along with the resonators, so the car might be making a bit more than the stock 755 horsepower, while the Ford is completely stock.

Corvette ZR1 and Ford GT

The Ford GT has far less power, but it should be noted that it weighs roughly 500 pounds less than the ZR1.

The Rules

These races take place as part of the International Roll Racing Association. The format has the cars starting well-back of the actual drag strip starting line, where they accelerate to 40 miles per hour. As they approach the starting line for the quarter mile drag strip, the light turns green and both cars hammer down. The car that gets to the finish line first wins, but the top speed through the final traps is recorded as well.

Ford GT Winning

The Action

The Ford GT and Corvette ZR1 race three times from a roll and the story is pretty much the same in each run. The GT is quicker to get up to speed on green, allowing it to jump out to a small lead on each run. From there, the two cars appear to be almost even, with the Ford getting to the finish line with a slightly quicker trap speed on each run.

Corvette Trailing

On the first run, the Ford runs a 128.98 to the Corvette’s 128.63 for a difference of just 0.35 miles per hour. On the second run, the numbers are 130.57 to 130.14 for a difference of 0.43 miles per hour and on the final run, when the ZR1 has a problem with the first shift, the Ford is still only 0.60 faster on the top end, running a 130.62 to the Chevy’s 130.02.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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