C7 Corvette ZR1: Hop Inside for a Lap Around Willow Springs

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New Corvette ZR1 manhandles one of the country’s bumpiest racetracks, and minces it to pieces with monstrous power.

It’s impossible to open with a more powerful statement than: “It’s the quickest thing to ever roll out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.” That’s how this video by CNET’s Roadshow begins, and it gives us an unprecedented look at the Corvette ZR1 in action while in its natural habitat.

C7 Corvette ZR1 at Willow Springs

Remember when Chevy debuted the Z06 and claimed 650 horsepower courtesy of its supercharged V8? People’s minds were blown away by such a figure, and it boggled the mind how a rear-wheel-drive ‘Vette could put such ridiculous horsepower down to the ground.

Yet, here we are, with a 755-horsepower Corvette that features enough aerodynamic trickery to make its LeMans racecar sibling feel a little uneasy. The C7 R must think someone is coming for its lunch! As the video shows, the ZR1’s pedigree is proper.

This isn’t a bolt-on job where Chevy simply slapped on a bigger supercharger, a bigger wing and called it a day. No, the ZR1 was developed from the ground up, and it was developed to kick ass, and nothing else.


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As you’ll be able to see, Chevy wasn’t too keen on letting journalists get their hands on their new baby just yet. Stevens, as a passenger, was given a spirited couple of laps around Willow Springs, which happens to be the perfect setting to display the Corvette’s prowess (especially mechanical and aero grip) on less-than-perfect road surfaces, and along tight, cambered corners.

Of course, you’ll want to watch this and not read this, so enjoy the video!

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