Corvettes and Standing Water Do Not Play Well Together

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[VIDEO] Corvettes and Standing Water Do Not Play Well Together

Storms and low-riding Corvettes don’t always mix. Just ask the driver of this C5 Corvette, who talked to a reporter from WREG-TV in Memphis, Tennessee last week about his misadventures following a major storm that swept through the area.

?I saw the water up under that viaduct,? Eugene Stephenson explained, ?but I didn’t think it was that deep.?

He was just trying to get home to Whitehaven but didn’t make it past South Memphis before he stalled out in two feet of standing water under an overpass on Bellevue.

?It came halfway up the car,? Stephenson said.

That’s when the Corvette’s motor shut down, and he had to push the car to safety.

He told the reporter he was waiting on a tow truck when she came by.

Looking back on the situation, he told her, ?It was pretty bad. It was pretty bad.?

He shouldn’t feel like the Lone Ranger, though. The reporter says tow truck companies told her they had gotten quite a few calls after torrential rains poured down on the city.


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