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taken off of the forum I think it is important…. thank the person on the
signature not me.. I just cut and pasted it here..
I felt it
necessary to fill you all in on how to decarbon your engines. Here is the
reason. For most all situations, knock on a stock c5 will be due to carbon
buildup, plain and simple. While there is a lot of speculation, fact is
that out of 51 different c5 that I have performed this procedure, NONE
have returned. There will always be the occasional one that this may NOT
apply to, but for the most part, it should work. Also, just a side note,
if your c5 is modified, even with just a MAF, this may not work, due to
other issues, so do not ASSUME that this is a fix all.
Okay, first
thing, go down to your GM dealer and purchase 2 cans of liquid top engine
cleaner #1050002. That’s the part number. And get oil and filter, as
you will have to change the oil after this procedure.
Second, let
the car sit until it gets cold before you start this procedure.
are you ready???? First, remove all spark plugs.
Next, evenly divide
the 2 cans to feed 8 cylinders.
Remember that this will get messy,
so have plenty of rags around, and put something under your car, and not
all the cylinders will take all the chemical.
Next, add the cleaner to
each cylinder, some may pour out, and some may take all of it. I leave
rags under each plughole.
Then, pop a cold one because the cleaner
must sit at least 6 hours, I like to see 12, but at least 6 are the
The next morning or whatever put a bunch of rags over all the
plugholes, as you must crank over the engine to expel the entire cleaner.
It’s going to leave a mess, so be warned. Crank over then engine for
about 15 seconds, that’s all it takes. Clean up all the residual off
the manifolds, with brake cleaner or something. Install the plugs.
the vehicle outside, cause MAN is this going to smoke, and stink. Start it
up, it will run rough for a while, this is common, and it will smoke too.
Allow to idle for 20 mins. Then shut the engine down, and change the oil
and filter.
The cleaner dilutes the oil so we don’t want to
drive the car until after all has been consumed in the chamber, and the
oil is warm.
Ok, now for the test drive, go to a highway, and drive a
highway speeds for about 20 mins, to expel the cleaner from the exhaust.
The car WILL smoke for some of the test drive, this is NORMAL. But by the
time that you get back, it should be pretty much gone.
Ok, that’s
it. Just remember, this is informational, nothing more. You may get some
oxygen codes or some misfire until the cleaner is burned off, this is
NORMAL. Just reset the codes, and you will be fine.
I have had a
lot of success with this, as have some of the members that I have emailed
this process to, but you must follow it exactly, thanks.
Best to all,
and I remain, c4c5 specialist
c4c5mechanic, GM
certified in all areas. ASE master certification w/L1. Club Corvette of CT

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