Did This Corvette Just Run the Fastest Half-Mile for a C7 Z06?

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Z06 Vengeance

What do you do when you believe you’ve clocked the fastest half-mile ever for a C7 Corvette Z06? You revel in it for a while! Which we hope the owner of this Z06 will be doing for quite some time.

The amazing feat is captured in the 1320video clip below, which we’re sure is going to be quite the hit here at Corvette Forum. After all, a C7 Corvette Z06 with a shot of nitrous and a few aero mods blazing down the dragstrip at 177 mph is something all ‘Vette fans can join in celebrating. Just wait until you hear this thing rumble down the dragstrip at that kind of speed.

The team at Vengeance Racing says the Z06 will run roughly 166 without the extra boost, which isn’t anything to cough at either.

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Via [GM Authority]

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