How-To Tuesday: Staying Up to Date on Recalls

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Let me start by saying that I would love to have firsthand knowledge on this week’s How-To Tuesday article. I would venture to guess that I’m not alone in that remark. Granted not everyone out there is a fan of the newest edition of our beloved Corvette, but I am definitely pro-C7. Of course, I’m pro every generation of Corvette. But since this week’s article is about technical service bulletins and recalls, it mostly has to do with the C7.

So now you know why I wish that I had personal experience with the article’s subject matter, as that would indicate that I own a 7th Generation Corvette. Fortunately for you C7 owners out there, the list thus far as been pretty short. There have only been a handful of issues on this car since it started rolling off the line late in 2013. Hard to believe it’s been out that long, as it still gets stares when you see one out and about.

There are a couple of ways that you can find out if your C7 is in need of a recall repair. The first step is to visit this week’s how-to article. Of the few items that have come up with this generation, some of them have been pretty important repairs — not that one is more or less important, I suppose. I guess the question is: which one would you not find out on your own? Thankfully GM appears to have done a good job staying out in front of issues as they arise on their flagship car, which is fitting, considering the amount of praise and awards the car has won.

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