Don’t Breathe the Fumes From These Five Corvette Fires

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Zora Arkus-Duntov was called “the father of the Corvette.” He passed away in 1996, but if he could see the collection of flaming fiberglass in the videos below, he’d be doing somersaults in his grave. Zora shouldn’t really be all that surprised, though. When you give a car a weapons-grade V8, rear-wheel drive, and plastic bodywork, pyrotechnics are never out of the question.

Sadly for the owners of these five ‘Vettes, as well as the other “collateral damage” in these vids, the price of internet glory is high, and may also cause serious lung damage. Here’s a little about each video, listed by the title on YouTube:

“Corvette Catches Fire After Rear End Crash Tuesday”

This is the Scorsese of the bunch. It’s a seven-minute epic with no burnout. Something clearly went wrong for this C6 to become so lodged in the hindquarters of the white SUV, and now we must endure the unavoidable end of both Detroit icons.

“Corvette on Fire”

The caption tells us the camera guy tried to put out the flames coming from this white C4, which he claims just showed up in front of his apartment. When that didn’t work, he figured capturing the moment on film was the next best thing to do. Sinead O’Connor lends a timely dose of heartsick.

“C5 Corvette Z06 Burnot – BRAKES CATCH ON FIRE!!”

If the first video was Goodfellas, this one’s more Cloverfield. Except replace the monsters with flames, dust, and soot from a power-brake burnout that sort of makes you feel like this dude should have known what was coming. Driver, we salute your conviction, if not your intelligence.

“Fire! ’68 Corvette Goes Down in Flames”

This is the eldest of the ‘Vettes that had to die for these videos to be born. It’s a little bit confusing though. The footage was meant for a different type of film before it took a beeline for the snuff genre.

“Corvette Catches On Fire During Burnout Contest”

This one goes from “oh cool, a burnout” to “whoa, that car is roasted” faster than you can blink. You can hear the screams of the crowd as soon as they see the fire, and at that point it’s already too late to do anything. Some poor saps use a couple hoses to try and put out the fire, but it just helps it spread. Yikes. So remember, the next time you decide to challenge the neighborhood burnout record, consider how much you like your car — and your lungs — and what those might cost to replace. Sorry, but we weren’t able to embed this one, so give it a watch here, and then let us know what you think!

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