11 GIFs That Perfectly Capture the Stages of Selling Your Corvette

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In this world of modern communication, the GIF has become an art form. With proper usage, these moving photos can dramatically enhance a story and turn a few lines into a heartfelt expose on the human condition. If you think that sounds like a load of garbage, then check out this GIF filled story over on CarThrottle about the various emotions associated with selling your car.

They cover the full range of emotions and experiences that we all know far too well. From the sadness and fury that comes from writing out the incredibly long and detailed sales ad, to the inevitable test drives and price haggling. It ends with the sadness we feel as our car is driven away by someone else.

This experience is even more dramatic and heartfelt for many of us, simply because of the cars we own. Corvettes are not just a normal car that you pass around. These are purebred sports cars, and almost every owner develops a strong bond with their particular machine. The Corvette is an easy car to love, and a hard car to let go.

But seriously, after you check out the CarThrottle piece, I don’t think there is any way you can say that GIFs did not make that story as powerful as it is. In short: GIFs are awesome.

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