NFL Player Too Big for His Corvette

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Jones Convertible

I guess when cash isn’t a big deal, you really aren’t pressed to try it on at the store so to speak, which probably explains why NFL player Arthur Jones wound up with a 2015 Corvette without realizing that he couldn’t actually fit in the car.

Jones shared his disappointment on Instagram posting the photo above with the comment, “Wish I could fit. Guess it’s going back to the dealer,” with the hashtag “#bigboyproblems,” according to an report.

The thing about it is that at 6’3″ and 337 pounds, I’m not sure the Indianapolis Colts’ player would fit comfortably in any sports car. I’m almost certain that a two-door is out of the question, so one of those supercharged Lingenfelter Silverado Reapers might be his best bet for the money.

Of course, considering that Jones signed a five-year contract last year for $30 million, I’m pretty sure he could easily find some customizer willing to get him fitted into a new ‘Vette that’s tailored to suit his larger frame.

One thing’s for certain, you definitely can’t knock Jones for trying to squeeze into that gorgeous C7.

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