What Is the Best C7 Corvette Front Plate Solution?

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AF Vette

The Corvette Stingray is a stunningly beautiful thing, but our wonderful government has rules in place in many states that force us to mar up the nose of these majestic sports cars with a big ugly license plate. Many owners tend to try and just skirt the issue by paying minimal fines, but occasionally we have to give in and go with the front plate. Corvette Forum Member AFVETTE is in that same boat, and he just finally had the Aerobracket installed on the front of his C7, as the local military base is cracking down on front plate infractions.

But there is no reason we can’t make the best of a bad situation, and the thread he started to let the world know that “they won” has produced a few helpful solutions to help people in this situation. There are concerns that the Aerobracket blocks too much air flow to the radiator, and there are complaints about looks. Some users have demonstrated cutting down the outside edge of the plate to make it appear as though the front license is then floating. This eliminates some air blockage, looks cleaner, and it can prevent the paint scratching that can happen as the Aerobracket vibrates and shakes where it meets the C7’s paint.

If you have a front plate, and you have some advice, or solutions of ways to make the car look better or have better airflow, why don’t you hop in and share. They can take our money and they can make our C7 nose look uglier, but let’s not let them take our pride in ownership.

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