What’s the Strangest Thing a Cop’s Said After Stopping Your Corvette?

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When you own something as powerful and eye-catching as a Corvette, it is likely that you will spend a bit of time on the side of the road talking to a person with a badge. Sometimes we deserve to see the blue lights behind us, other times less so, but one thing seems to be certain: the conversation will always be entertaining. Corvette Forum member ray_ray posted up a thread discussing his recent interaction with the local law enforcement, which after being let off with a simple verbal warning, the officer asked if ray_ray had any body parts in the trunk. So, ray_ray got to wondering, what is the craziest thing an officer has ever asked you?

The thread itself is pretty darn entertaining, even if there are more posts about random stops than there are actual funny quotes from officers. If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of the blue lights, why don’t you pop over and share your experiences. This is a great thread, and I would love to see it get even more stories. My best story comes courtesy of a Porsche Panamera, not a Corvette, but it is too good to keep to myself.

I was cruising around with a few friends in the shadier part of town, and we were driving a little quickly. I came to a stop sign and my buddy asked if this car could do a burnout. I looked around and saw no cars, so I tried a brake stand. With the rear tires smoking nicely, an officer comes over the hill behind me and hits the lights. After checking my license and seeing that I live outside of town in farm country, he proceeds to tell me, “There are plenty of country-ass roads for you to go and act like a hooligan all you want to near your house. Keep that crap out of my town.” He let me off with just a verbal warning, told me the car was nice, and he was on his way.

So get to reading and get to sharing. Let’s see how many law enforcement officials out there have a great sense of humor.

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