Facebook Fridays: Corvette Sunset Gazing

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Blacked-out Corvette against a sunset backdrop will make you say, “Wow!”

They don’t get much more breathtaking than this one, do they?

Just look at that blacked-out C6 poised against the breathtaking sunset. Makes you appreciate those round taillights even more, right?

Everything about this photo shows that nothing quite wraps the day like an evening run in a Corvette, particularly one with no set destination in mind. Then again, it also could say that nothing beats burning off a bad day at work like a quick, secluded run in a ‘Vette to some remote area with nobody else around.

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Either way, this week’s photo certainly has struck a chord with some serious heavyweights in the circle of Corvette fanatics, given that it was picked as the cover photo for our own Corvette Forum Facebook page. And trust us, the higher-ups don’t take those kind of decisions lightly when it comes to engaging the nearly 400,000 people who check our FB page for everyday updates on America’s iconic sports car.

In fact, the pic has held the cover spot since March 14, and earned more than 500 responses. But Roger Covington probably summed the it up best with his comment, “Just Wow.”

Although, we could come up with a few other words as well, like “badass,” “epic,” and “amazing,” none of those really capture the true essence of this week’s Facebook Friday’s photo.

That said, we’d love to hear some of your descriptions, too — if you absolutely had to nail it down to one or two words.

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