Facebook Fridays: Which Grand Sport Gets Your Vote?

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Now, here’s something to ponder.

Let’s say that you lucked upon a chance to choose between a new Grand Sport or a classic model, like the ones pictured. Which one would you pick?

Tough, huh? I mean, both are pretty special in their own right, a point shared by many who commented on the photo we pulled from the official Corvette Facebook page, where the pic garnered more than 6,000 likes and over a 100 comments in a day.

Take, for example, a few of the comments that we pulled below:

David McDermott – “Both, the answer is both. Chevy did it right both times.”

Babette Gibbs – “Tough call, old for looks and the feeling ya get driving it, new for the comfort.”

Lourdes Perugorria – “New school is awesome beautiful car but then again old school is also a beautiful car.”

Marc Millet – “Take me for a ride…. then I don’t care which one.”

Todd Evans – “I’ll take both of them!”

Sure, the odds of landing either one for free is extremely far-fetched. But it never hurts to dream.

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