First Corvettes to be Pulled from Sinkhole on Monday

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National-Corvette-Museum-Corvette in text

Next week we will get a closer look at some of the damage those Corvettes suffered in the sinkhole disaster.

Three of the eight cars swallowed up at the National Corvette Museum are scheduled to be removed from the hole by Wednesday, according to a recent WDRB News report. Some could be pulled out as early as Monday.

The Kentucky-based construction crew that is working on the retrieval of the cars says its biggest concern is the 1962 tuxedo black Corvette, which has a five-ton concrete slab resting against it.  Car and Driver says the ’62 could be valued at $125,000. To ensure the black ‘Vette (pictured) doesn’t suffer any more damage, the company will need to lift the slab while retrieving the car from the hole.

To say that could be a bit of a challenge is putting it lightly.

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