Damaged Corvettes will be Displayed Before Restoration

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sinkhole main image

Evidently, we just can’t get enough of those Corvettes swallowed up by that sinkhole.

The story has garnered so much attention that the National Corvette Museum has decided to display the cars before they are even restored.

The museum has announced that the damaged Corvettes will be showcased at the facility from April through July right before GM begins the tedious process of working to restore the cars, according to a World Car Fans report.

The actual process of retrieving the cars from the 40-foot sinkhole is expected to start in the next couple of weeks as the construction team works to make sure the facility is stable.   There’s been no official word on exactly how long it will take to restore the damaged vehicles, but GM is scheduled to begin working on the Corvettes this summer.

Personally, I would rather the museum wait to display the cars after their restorations. Maybe they could post a few “before” photos or video clips detailing the process, but I certainly wouldn’t get any kicks out of traveling to Kentucky to see those beloved Corvettes all bent up. Regardless of what I believe, the damaged Corvette exhibit will probably be a big draw for the museum — I guess it’s all part of this reality TV world in which we live.

Could you handle the pain of seeing those mangled cars on display, or would you rather spare yourself the emotional anguish and see them after their restorations? Let us know in the forum.

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