First Impressions are Important, Says Corvette Z06

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Jan. 7, 2015.

I’ll definitely remember this date, considering it’s not every day you get to drive the fastest production car Chevy has ever made.

That is unless you’re one of the lucky 1,400 or so who’ve already taken delivery of a new Corvette Z06, which would make you one of the luckiest people in the world in my book right about now.

Chevy says that 40 percent of those who purchased a new Corvette in December opted for a Z06 model. After my day zooming around Nevada’s Spring Mountain Motor Resort, I  quickly understood why.

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As I mentioned in an earlier review of the C7 here, I make no bones about being a longtime fan of the Corvette way before I even started writing about cars. But being behind the wheel of the Z06 is an entirely different take on the ‘Vette.

The one thing you learn quickly about the new Z06 is that the car is fast. Make that superfast in an insane, catch your breath, didn’t expect that kind of way.

Then again, as one of the members of the Corvette team at the resort said to me, “uh, yeah, that’s one way to put it.” Apparently that’s really not ground breaking news, considering the car’s 2.95 second 0 – 60 time.

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Most of my more in-depth coverage on the Z06 from the time I spent with the car and the engineering team at Nevada’s Spring Mountain Motor Resort will come later, along with addressing a few concerns raised here on Corvette Forum about the car. So stay tuned.

Of course, the true experience of what really makes the Z06 will come once I’ve had a chance to drive it on the track, where the car was really engineered to shine. However, after having an opportunity to spend a couple of hours with the car in the wild, it’s already clear why the buzz on it is so high.

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