Meet the Man Charged with Selling that $6.8-Million Corvette

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The mere idea that a Corvette could go for $6.8 million is enough to wreck the brain. But can you imagine being the one charged with making sure that 1956 SR-2 Racer meets those expectations?

I’m pretty sure that kind of pressure is way above the pay scale of most. However, Mike Vietro, who’s been commissioned to sell the car by its owner, Greg Boehme, seems to take the whole thing in stride, which is pretty amazing in itself. Even having Vietro’s nearly 40 years of experience selling Corvettes wouldn’t be enough to ease my worries about trying to fetch roughly $7 million for a car.

Then again, Vietro is better known as “Corvette Mike”. And from the looks of the video below, which features him talking about the SR-2, being “cool” seems to come second nature.

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