Five Tips for Taking it to the Track 1

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cftrack1.jpgModeration is the Key to Mods

A hot cam, the stickiest R-compound tires and the latest trick
suspension pieces aren’t going to do anything for a track neophyte. And since classes are mostly defined by the level of track prep, you might just wind up modding yourself out of your class.     

Plus, there’s
a reason racing schools like Skip Barber put beginners on street tires. They
talk more, they mask errors less, and their limits are lower’so going
past them doesn’t have such dire consequences. Corvettes are already
faster and better handling than most of the other cars at any track
event, so resist the temptation to go mod crazy. And always consult the rule book to see what’s legal. 

buddy Kevin’s ?68 ?vert was a great tool for learning and fun?even
on its 15″ street shoes. It ran solid and headache free all day long.
That said…

Tip #2: Make Sure Your Car is Really Ready to Rock               >>>>

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