Formula Drift C6 Corvette Finally Has A LS V8

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CorvetteForum can not wait to see the Formula Drift C6 complete. Check out the progress and the new LS V8 install, which needs to come back out again.

The Formula Drift C6 Corvette is one of our favorite projects online right now. Matt Field is a professional drifter who has been running a supercharged LS V8 powered S14 Nissan 240SX. For 2018 he is going full America with a flood damaged C6 Corvette. The process of building this beast has been a bit of a struggle. The Corvette uses a combination of steel, aluminum, and composite fiberglass. When building a car to go sideways safety is the number one concern. Which means welding, lots and lots of welding.

Formula Drift C6 engine

In order to make the car safe the entire C6 was taken down to the bare frame. Then the process of adding the steel roll cage, competition steering system, and competition pedals. All of these present issues as you can’t weld steel to aluminum and you can’t weld anything to fiberglass. When installing the floor mount pedal set Matt needs to make and weld in a steel cross plate to attach the pedal to the frame rails. He also adds some holes and uses a die to press dimples into the plat for additional strength.

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Now Matt can mock up the Formula Drift C6 LS V8 with the Vortech supercharger. In this video, on YouTube channel Donut Media, Matt shows the process of mounting the mock up LS motor in the C6. Some of you may watch this and wonder where the radiator will be going. So, in Formula Drift almost all of the cars use a rear mount radiator, due to the fact that the cars are usually sideways. The Formula Drift C6 build is coming along nicely and we can’t wait to see it sideways.

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