Drift Corvette Build: Installing Steering Column & Fire Suppression

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Building a Formula Drift Corvette from the ground up is an adventure in fabrication. Pro drifter Matt Field’s C6 build gets it right.

The C6 Chevrolet Corvette is the Swiss Army Knife of sports cars. It can cruise the boulevard, tackle the canyons, and handle itself on the racetrack for a track day. The problem with a Swiss Army Knife is it can do everything well, but, unlike a katana, it doesn’t have a focus. Sure, you can cut someone with a Swiss Army Knife, but with a samurai sword, you can take off a limb.

Matt Field is a professional drifter, and he bought a brilliant Swiss Army Knife of a C6, which he got for a good price because it had been in a flood. Now, he is in the process of converting the C6 into a drift katana to cut down the competition in Formula Drift. We at Corvette Forum are taking you through the process of his Formula Drift Corvette via new video by Donut Media.

Field takes us through the stages of the Formula Drift Corvette. His goals are to make it steer without catching fire. Unlike a track-day build, Field has taken out everything from the C6 and is optimizing it for drifting.

He has a roll cage built and shows us how he is installing the aftermarket steering column. However, working with the Corvette presents some challenges. For example, the firewall is made from fiberglass instead of steel. So, he needs to bond and rivet the steering column bearing instead of welding it.

Another discovery is the dash support is part steel and part aluminum, which makes welding a challenge. So, in addition to the steering Matt shows us how he will mount his fire-suppression system in the car.

Check out the video!

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