Electric Corvette, Genovation GXE, Shown at The Quail

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Genovation GXE 220 MPH Electric Corvette Pebble Beach Corvetteforum.com

220 MPH top speed, carbon fiber everything and electric power make Genovation GXE one of the wildest Corvettes we have ever seen.

It’s Monterey Car Week and we’re at The Quail¬†event that attracts car enthusiasts the world over to revel in their shared love of the automobile. Normally, this “Motorsports Gathering” is for playboys in their vintage Ferraris. However, this time around, we spotted something a little bit different. This is the Genovation GXE, an all-electric sports car built off the C7 Corvette platform, and it has some serious performance claims attached to it.

The Genovation GXE has five enormous electric batteries situated in the floor of these C7 Corvettes. That setup, which can be paired with either the 7-speed manual or 8-speed auto cribbed from the C7, is good for ‘over’ 800 horsepower and ‘more than’ 700 lb-ft of torque. Of course, those battery packs are heavy, so the curb weight jumps up to a claimed 4,200 pounds. Though, Genovation has done their best to offset the weight gain with carbon fiber body panels.

The results are well, excuse our pun, electrifying. The top claim is a stated 220+ MPH. To date, Genovation has seen 209 MPH from the GXE, though, it was still pulling hard at that point. Those electric motors spin to 8,500 RPM and allow this GXE Corvette to do the 0-60 sprint in just 2.5 seconds. Cruising range is a claimed 175 miles, and the 61 kilowatt-hour battery system can be charged in six hours.

There’s more to it than just an electric battery powertrain conversion. Genovation decks out their GXE models with a redesigned interior, covered in Alcantara and leather. Sweet carbon fiber wheels, from Carbon Revolution, are also part of the package. Brembo carbon ceramic brakes are also factored in, though, perhaps they are referring to the factory-available items you can order for a standard Corvette.

The price for all of this? A scant $750,000. Wow.

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