Girl Driving Z06 Kills Viper

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Girl Driving C6 Z06 Kills Viper

I know everyone is hurting right now with all the buzz on the Internet about the new Z06’s ultra-conservative ECU. I know there’s a lot of pain seeing the 2015 Z06 lose to the 2014 Viper TA not once, but seven times, as gluttons for punishment can see by clicking here.

Because recent news has many Corvette fans feeling like the sky is falling, I wanted to share this video to lift a spirit or two. Here we have a girl driving a C6 Z06 beating a Viper in a SHIFT-S3CTOR half-mile roll race.

OK, obviously the Corvette is modded, but how can you argue with the emotional boost you’re feeling after seeing this? This video was published to YouTube almost seven weeks ago, but again, for the emotional welfare of the Henny Pennys out there, let’s just frame this as the C6 Z06 avenging the C7 Z06’s seven straight losses to the Viper TA.

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