GM Design Chief Ed Welburn Talks Corvettes and Quality

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GM Design Chief Ed Welburn Talks Corvettes and Quality

GM Global Design chief Ed Welburn believes that GM’s current success in the J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey will carry over to the new products being introduced this year. That, of course, includes the 2014 Corvette Stingray, the seventh-generation model that is pretty much a blank-sheet redesign inside and out.

And, Welburn says with a laugh, ?This is the first Corvette where the chief engineer and the head of design didn’t have a big fight.?

That unusual consensus came after GM started the process by asking every global designer to submit a design for the new Corvette, with those submissions eventually narrowed to 12 scale models. Two eventually became full-size clay sculptures, and the final design drew raves from both design and engineering.

Does Chevy have a hit on its hands with the new Stingray?

?I think the product won,? Welburn said, adding that the new model has ?the most complete mix? of exterior styling and interior craftsmanship.

Customers may not know the technical names for what they are seeing in a car’s interior, like dashboard padding, but Welburn says ?it’s one of those perceptions.?

If the attention isn’t paid to making a quality interior, ?it just seems like a cheap, tinny interior,? Welburn says. ?They know.?

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