GM Files Patent for 7 Speed, Dual Clutch Transmission

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We knew the C7 Corvette’s A6 automatic transmission was going to be phased out at some point and speculation has been rampant that a new, 8 speed transmission would replace it. After all, GM has been talking about the upcoming 8-speed for a while now. However, it now seems that the Vette’s next automatic might just be a clutch-less manual.

At this point it’s anyone’s guess whether this transmission will find a home in a special super-stingray (Z07 or ZR1) in order to compete with more upmarket cars (and command a larger premium over a “regular” Vette). But our guess is that it will completely replace the Corvette’s slushbox across the entire range– coupe, convertible, Z07, etc. This scenario would see GM’s trucks receiving the well-publicized 8-speed auto and the Corvette (and perhaps performance-oriented Cadillacs) getting the DCT.

Is this what you’ve been waiting for? What do you think about the Corvette having a DCT?

If you’d like to review the patent application, click here.

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