GoPro Captures Trooper Pulling Over a Speeding C6 Corvette

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by Keith Cornett

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[VIDEO] GoPro Captures Trooper Pulling Over a Speeding C6 Corvette

It’s safe to say that the GoPro HD cameras that you can attach to your cars via a suction cup has revolutionized the way drivers immortalize their exploits behind the wheel. While the handy little plastic-encased cameras are mostly used for capturing burnouts, club cruises and the occasional accident, we’re surprised we don’t see more of this ? GoPro equipped Corvettes getting pulled over by the Man!

Our friends at Corvette Online brought this video to our attention and we couldn’t help but to get a good chuckle out of it.

Although we don’t see the video of the driver’s actions preceding the stop, we do see the Corvette cross over several lanes as he pulls off to the side of the road. When the highway patrolman walks up to the black convertible C6, he is cheerfully greeted by the driver with a ?Good Afternoon, Sir!?. Good move by the driver as we think politeness is always a great strategy when dealing with LEOs in these situations!

The driver of the little black Corvette must have been really hauling as the trooper asks the standard ?Where ya going in such a hurry? and then proceeds to tell the him that he nearly ?peeled one of the stripes off the side of my car back there?. After a stern look from the trooper at the GoPro mounted on the back of the left fender, the video ends and then we see a redacted photo of the official warning from the State of South Carolina.

One has to wonder if the situation would have ended differently if there wouldn’t have been the GoPro in the equation. Was the driver really speeding so fast as to remove the stripes from the side of the car? Did the trooper only give the driver a warning because there might have been visual proof on the GoPro that the driver wasn’t? Why didn’t the driver show the minute or two leading up to the stop? It’s an interesting proposition worth considering.

This is a fun story that ends well for the driver and at the end of the day, he got exactly what he set out for ? a memorable moment captured on video all thanks to that GoPro camera mounted on the back of his black Corvette.

Ha! Looks like it was this driver’s lucky day. See what members are saying over in the Forum!

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